First Chukker


In the first years FIRST CHUKKER mainly organized horse transports to and from South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil).

In recent years we have worked with these additional countries:
Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, USA (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii), Canada (Calgary, Toronto), South Korea, Iran, Libanon via Jordania, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, UAE.

2011 we established Johannesburg / South Africa as a new destination and we are very happy with the excellent cooperation we have received there. So far (updated 10/2018) we flew over 200 horses to Johannesburg already and accompanied most of them personally.

I try to meet all colleagues in the different countries personally and also join our horse flights regularly to be up to date.

In Europe FIRST CHUKKER is working with the following airports:
Frankfurt/Main, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Liege, London, Paris

Vesorgen von Pferden auf dem FlugDestinationen
Left: Horses during the flight | Right: Pony in New York before the flight to Europe